Saturday, May 3, 2014

Massive anti-drone action today at Georgia Tech!

SOA Watch founder Father Roy Bourgeois, Field Organizer Maria Luisa Rosal, our newest Council member Kevin Moran, and long-time SOA Watch activist Irene Rojas DeCambias have walked 120 miles from Fort Benning, Georgia to Atlanta, Georgia, to call attention to the SOA, drone warfare, and the persecution of immigrants. Learn more about the walk on  facebook and on
The School of the Americas and the use of killer drones are both part of a broader system of militarism. The school and the remote control killing are not aberrations of US foreign policy, but clear examples of it.

The Right to Peace Walk concludes today at Georgia Tech, where millions of Pentagon dollars fund research into further development of killer drones to be used in wars, often undeclared, with civilian populations too many times the victims.

The Walk began April 26 at Ft. Benning, site of the School of the Americas where for decades Latin American troops have been trained in counter-insurgency and population control methods that have been used aginst peasants, indigenous people, union members, students, faith and community leaders seeking equity and justice. The base is also now a testing site for killer drones.

US militarism in all its forms exacts an unbearable price on the human rights not just of the people of this country where education, healthcare, housing, transportation, and so much more are sacrificed to pay for the policies of endless war.

It is the people of the world who bear the brunt of death and injuries in the millions, the loss of homes and workplaces, the destruction of land and water resources and the misery of displacement.

Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition demands a complete and total ban on the research, development, manufacture, testing and use of killer drones

For More information check out the following link You can livestream today's event at the the WFRG Labor Forum.

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